HIMALAYAN KITCHEN Heerlijke traditionele Nepalese en Indiase gerechten

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4 sterren uit 226 beoordelingen
18 jul 2018 om 15:28 Saddens me to say this ... because this place used to be my all time favourite takeaway. But the last 3 orders now, have been disappointing. I think I'm done.=( It's not awful, but it's just not that good anymore.
9 jul 2018 om 9:36 Delicious food!
3 jul 2018 om 22:17 delicious vegan food, delivery on time. have ordered 2nd time already and will certainly do it again :)
1 jul 2018 om 3:21 Delicious food.
29 jun 2018 om 19:45 Yummie, iedere x weer
29 jun 2018 om 18:56 probably the best Nepalese and Indian restaurant. delicious meal on given time. definitely order again!
27 jun 2018 om 8:27 Heerlijk eten!
26 jun 2018 om 21:48 Delicious
12 apr 2018 om 22:40 we had asked for less oily food but the oil was overflowing in the gravy / curry
4 mrt 2018 om 22:28 Te laat. En weinig smaak aan t eten. In tegenstelling tot mijn eerdere ervaringen niet tevreden. Naan was heerlijk vers. Dat wel.
3 mrt 2018 om 0:10 These guys are usually amazing, but today was a bit annoying. I ordered at 4pm and at 4:40pm they called me to say they weren't doing any deliveries today because of "a problem". Couldn't they have made that phonecall earlier?!
11 feb 2018 om 20:43 heel goed, zeker de voorgerechtenmix. nee alles eigenlijk.